Data Scientist Analyst - AI

Position Summary:

Royal Caribbean is seeking a talented, experienced and inquisitive DataScientist to design and implement cutting edge solutions across a breadth ofdomain areas.  The ideal candidate is well grounded in a mathematical,statistical and probability background, with a broad knowledge of machinelearning techniques and cognitive services.

The AI Focused Data Scientist will work with a multidisciplinary team of drivenpeople to deliver end to end solutions that improve guest experience andaddress pain points of the business across domains like recommendation engines,Natural Language Processing, Collaborative Filtering, Machine Vision,Clustering, Classification, Regression, Deep Learning, and/or statistical modelling.  

This person is accountable for driving valuable fact-based and quantitativeconsumer insights from internal and external systems and to synthesize keyfindings which inform business, IT and executives of alignment on strategicstrategies and opportunities.  The ideal candidate will increase thematurity of our current analytics capabilities by progressing from traditionalBI to true machine intelligence and take advantage of the emerging technologiesaround predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
A successful candidate will be a person who enjoys diving deep into data, doinganalysis, discovering root causes, and designing long-term solutions. It willbe a person who Experience  a passion forlearning and wants to innovate our business through the art of data science andartificial intelligence.
Major responsibilities include:
*  Analyze source data and data flows,working with structured and unstructured data
*  Manipulates high-volume,high-dimensionality data from varying sources to highlight patterns, anomalies,relationships and trends
*  Understands business needs and appliesAI/Machine Learning technology to solve real-world problems
*  Uses analytical rigor and statisticalmethods to analyze large amounts of data, culling actionable insights usingadvanced statistical techniques such as predictive statistical models, customerprofiling, segmentation analysis, survey design and analysis and datamining. 
*  Analyzes and visualizes diversesources of data, interpret results in the business context, and report resultsclearly and concisely
*  Executes both descriptive and ad hocrequests in a timely manner.  Experience  the ability to work with product andenterprise teams via both Agile and Waterfall Methodologies
*  Communicates and presents models tobusiness customers and executives
*  Works collaboratively with differentparts of our business and is able to present result in a clear and concisemanner
*  Promotes a strong sense of analyticsculture based on data facts, teamwork and contribution and is able to Teach andmentor others in the use of AI/Machine Learning
*  Tracks effectiveness of data models,incremental sales and ROI per selection, interpret data models and provideinsights to management.
*  Supports research related to customerbased analytical practice and develop communications for management andstrategies for building institutional knowledge 
Preferred Qualifications: 
*  PhD in a quantitative field such asComputer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics,Physics
*  Demonstrated ability in theapplication of Machine Learning/AI in real-world industrial settings with largescale data
*  Experience with Deep Learning toolssuch as TensorFlow
*  Experience with Agile softwaredevelopment
*  Experience with contributing to opensource projects is a plus
*  Experience of SAS programming usingSAS/BASE, SAS/MACRO, SAS/SQL, SAS/STAT, and SAS/GRAPH, SAS Stored Processes ina data intense environment
*  Experience in a large corporation orconsulting firm practicing marketing strategies, modeling, CRM and managementsciences/statistics is; Highly desired.

Knowledge and Skills (Our ideal candidate):
*  Must have a strong background in oneor more of the following: Mathematical, Statistics, Probability, Deep Learning,Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, RecommendationSystems, Pattern Recognition, Large Scale Data Mining or ArtificialIntelligence.
* Experience delivering previous AI based projects and can tell success andfailure stories from their customers.  You should have a solid sense oflessons learned and plan for improvement.
* Experience in modeling, customer segmentation, analytical reporting, surveyanalysis, key driver analysis and dashboards.
* Experience with and a strong proficiency using Tensor Flow, MXNet, Theano,Caffe or other open source frameworks. You have solid understanding ofunderlying concepts of Tensor Flow (as an example) to understand/enhance theinner workings of an AI framework of choice
* Knowledge and can quickly ramp-up and leverage cloud-based cognitive serviceAPIs such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and/or IBM Watson.
* Has passionate about your work, but willing to support several projects atone time and can accept reprioritization as necessary.  
* Comfortable delivering within an agile program.

Required Qualifications: 
*  Master’s degree in Computer Science,Computer Engineering, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics or Physics
*  2+ years of experience of functionalprogramming with Python, Scala, OR LISP
*  2+ years of experience with SQL,Spark, OR Hadoop
*  2+ years of experience with MachineLearning and Artificial Intelligence techniques and tools to include one ormore of the following: neural networks, regression, classification, orclustering
*  2+ years of experience with datasources and platforms to include one of more of the following: Unix/Linux,Teradata, Hadoop, Oracle, SQL Server, OR DB2
*  Strong oral and written skill