This healthcare professional is expected to provide physiotherapy services to injured Crewmembers to facilitate their optimal return to duty.

This person shall assist the Staff Captain, Senior Doctor, Doctor and Chief Nurse and Nurse in shipboard health-related matters by providing advice intended to diminish traumatic injuries and cumulative traumatic disorders, so as to improve the physical wellbeing of our Crewmembers. In order to consistently exceed target injury reductions and accelerate return to duty amongst Crewmembers, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

Basic Function:
Provide onboard physiotherapy diagnostic evaluations, prescribe physiotherapy programs for injured Crewmembers, and monitor exercise programs to restore the health of injured Crewmembers.

To join this team, candidates must have the appropriate licences, and registration and: at least three years of post-graduate experience in areas that include Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Family Practice (for doctors); or at least three years of post-graduate experience in Accident & Emergency, Critical Care, Intensive Care Unit, or High Dependency Care (for nurses).