The Entertainment Performer Flying Specialist (ENRS) is responsible for all entertainment rigging systems. The ENRS is in charge of all theatrical rigging systems, including motors, lines, hoists, tracks, drives, lifts, silks and harness equipment, as well as the programming of PC- or PLC-based systems. You will maintain, troubleshoot, and repair all rigging-related systems.  In doing so, the specialist oversees the safe operation, maintenance, repair,inspection and troubleshooting of these systems. The ENRS must always display a safety-conscious mindset while performing all duties.

Minimum 3 years entertainment or theatrical technology work or equivalent, including industrial automation, demonstrated performer flying experience, carpentry, and electrical/control systems preferred. Completion of training or equivalent stage rigging courses such as ETCP, Sapsis Rigging, Chicago Flyhouse, Jay O. Glerum or other equivalents preferred.

Working knowledge of theatrical rigging, maintenance and inspections including hemp or counterweight rigging, automated systems, winch/motorized rigging, ground rigging, high steel, and rock climbing are preferred. Must possess basic rope / wire rope abilities such as identifying rope / wire rope types and inspection, basic knots, use of rigging hardware. Must have had fall arrest training and ability to demonstrate use of fall arrest. Must have had Lift training such as aerial work platforms and articulated booms and can ability to demonstrate their use.

If you have experience in a similar role and can do all the above-mentioned duties, you’re the person we want!