Chef de Partie - Butchery

The Chef de Partie - Butchery handles the meat and poultry production based on the Executive Chefs Meat Order Cycle and the menu plan, in accordance with the corresponding methods and recipes, making sure that the process is efficient and waste is minimized. The Chef de Partie - Butchery supervises and monitors the 1st Cook, Cook, and Assistant Cook Butcher at his/her station. Other duties include communicating the status of all food production to the Executive Chef; making sure that all equipment and machinery are properly functioning, reporting any issues or problems to the Executive Chef; and training all subordinates whenever possible. A minimum of one year experience as a Chef de Partie - Butcher in a cruise ship or upscale hotel /resort, two years of experience as 1st Cook Butcher in a hotel/resort, two years of experience as a Chief Butcher in a supermarket or in a factory, or five years of experience in a hotel/restaurant setting are required for this position.