Buffet Cook

Buffet Cooks carefully prepare food items while observing the highest sanitation standards. You will work closely with the Chef de Partie or Sous Chef in reviewing day-to-day meal requirements, ordering and cost-controlling food requisitions to avoid overproduction and wastage. You may work in various stations that prepare meat, fish, vegetables, and other food items, which means you must have a mastery of preparation methods such as peeling, cutting, trimming, and deboning. Your responsibilities include the cleaning of your workstations, food storage areas, refrigerators, utensils, and equipment. You are also tasked with reporting malfunctions and requesting necessary replacements and repairs to station heads. We want you to join our buffet team if you have experience in a similar role; have completed cook apprenticeship or its equivalent; are able to understand and follow recipes; have completed basic education or its equivalent; and are able to supervise and train other cooks.